Hands molding clay on potter's wheel



The North Georgia Potter’s House for Women is a non-profit 501(c)3 residential Christian Discipleship program for women struggling with addiction.  

We are:

…a place where broken vessels are remade into vessels of honor
…a place of love, warmth, safety, and compassion
…a place where the residents become a great support system for each other
…a place of separation, free from the stress and worries of life, so inner healing and change can take place
…a place for the mind to be renewed and old thinking patterns be replaced with new ones

We desire to provide extreme makeovers:

* Spiritually – through daily in-depth teaching and application of God’s Holy Word
* Physically – through the caring hands of dentists, doctors, hairstylists, and other professionals
* Mentally – through the renewing of the mind by replacing old thought patterns with new ones
* Emotionally – through Godly counseling and support

Ministry Leaders

Julie Kirk - Ministry Leader
Julie Kirk    
Bethany Duren - Ministry Leader
Bethany Duren